Chaffin Equipment Repair LLC is a Company that plans to provide our Customers with Superior Services. Our Goal is to not only to fix our Customers equipment but also to help the customer improve longevity and availability. 

Our Story

Two Brothers a Dream and No Capital. In 1992 James D Chaffin was Born to a mother and a father. Father was a Mechanic and in 1993 Jesse J Chaffin was Born. These Kids grew up Taking stuff apart, times got hard and they never gave up. growing up they always talked about running a business together. in 2010 James D Chaffin Became a Mechanic in the Construction Industry and in 2011 Jesse J Chaffin became a Mechanic in the Agriculture Industry, they Both thrived. In 2015 they Decided it was time, to become entrepreneurs and see if 


they could succeed all odds that life and society claims.they have two service trucks and plan to expand there operations greatly with No Limits.